Monday, December 24, 2012

And So It Begins... Blood Moon Cemetery

I guess I should never say never because here I am writing a blog when I have mentioned before that I would never do so.  But there is a difference between this blog and others.  How many blogs out there are dedicated to all things Halloween?  I don't know the answer to that question, but I do know there will at least be one.

There are several reasons why I've been wanting to do this.  One reason is the hope that maybe at least one person will decide to decorate it up for Halloween like so many of the other holidays.  My plan is to post all my future creations on this blog.  Some may be a higher degree of difficulty but some will be very simple and something most people can do.  I've had many people ask me how I built my flying crank ghost, my witch stirring a smoke filled cauldron, etc.  Well, now you will know.  Anything I build from here on out, will be posted.

The second reason is the hope that having a blog will keep me on schedule for all my prop builds and construction of Blood Moon Cemetery.  I have a never ending list of ideas that run through my mind on things to do.  Instead of finishing a prop, I will have an awesome idea that will make me stop what I'm doing and mess up my whole process.  So here is to hoping that with this blog, I will finish each idea before I move to a new one, but also state future ideas so I will have to complete those as well. 

The third and final reason why I am doing this is selfish, but it is for me.  I love Halloween and everything that goes along with it.  From horror movies, prop building, walking into a Halloween store or haunted house, I am like a kid in a candy store.  I'm not a real big "keep a journal" guy, but this will be as close to one as possible and a way to allow others to see into my Halloween mind.  It will also all me to post videos and/or pictures to match these thoughts that constantly run through my head. 

The moon that shines through the sky during the month of October is known as the Blood Moon or Hunter's Moon.  And so whenever the Blood Moon illuminates the skies, Blood Moon Cemetery will arise.

Here is a look at how Blood Moon Cemetery has evolved the last six years...

2006- The beginning as I like to call it.  The flying crank ghost was the first prop that I had ever built and I will always remember the fire department constantly watch it as it rose up and down.  It only had a few tombstones, zombies, a lighted pvc fence, and a Jason prop lurking on the top window, but it was a beginning.   

2007- Added  is the moving witch with her stirring the fogging cauldron and mausoleum for the flying crank ghost.

2008-  Added(with a valuable lesson ) haunted tree and zombies.  The two haunted trees were destroyed because I failed to weather proof the props.  They were a nice addition but only lasted the 2008 season.

2009- Added the cemetery columns and a better structure for the fence.  Learned very quickly that strong winds caused the whole fence and columns to blow over.  Added cement blocks and that problem was fixed.

2010-  Opened up the garage and allowed it to be part of the haunt.  Inside were crawling zombies, fog blowing zombie, and a insane growling creature in a cage.

2011- Changed the garage into the three room walk through with vampires, falling zombies, and a mad lab room. 

2012-  Added gargoyles to the entrance columns and insane killer and a skeleton room in the garage haunt.

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