Thursday, February 28, 2013

It Will Blow You Away...Air Cannon

I will never forget the first air cannon I experienced while going through a haunted house.  The unexpected sense of terror it left me in.  I look back now and kind of wonder why it took me so long to build one for my own haunt.  But now I have and hopefully it will bring that sudden jolt of panic to those who wander around Blood Moon Cemetery.  The first part of this blog will show a video of the prop in action. It includes the build, the test run, and an actual live test run.  At the end, I will give a "how to" for those wanting to build this.

Ok, so here it is in all its pride and glory.  Of course you have to have some sort of air tank to build this air cannon.  The good news is, you can get them pretty cheap if you are on the look out.  Try garage-sales or ebay and you could possibly pick one up for $5-10.  I will not add any measurements because different tanks could be different sizes, but I basically measured how long and high I would want the steel pipes to be and went from there.  Of course I put teflon tape on all threaded ends so air would not leak out.

A.  NPT Check Valve.  It basically lets air in but not out.  Makes it portable.

B.  NPT Air Pressure Regulator and Gauge.  It helps maintain and regulate air flow.

C.  Electric 12v Solenoid Valve.  When powered, it allows air to pass through.

D.  Galvanized Threaded Steel.  You will need a Tee, Bushing, or anything to properly assemble this build.

E.  Simple Prop Timer. 

This is the simple prop timer that I have had for a while from Fright Props.  While you can choose a different method of powering the solenoid valve, this is a very simple and effective way of doing so and  you can set a timer on how long you want the solenod valve powered.

The settings on this timer are: Trigger, Negative (-), Positive (+), NO (Normally Open), C (Common Lead), NC (Normally Closed)

Fright props has a "how to" on wiring this but all I did was connect the trigger to the Trigger and Positive, Connect the 12v Power Supply to the Negative and Positive, connect the Solenoid Valve to the Negative and the C, and then cut a separate wire and run the ends to the Positive and the NO.

All in all I built this prop for $35 not including the simple prop timer that I already had.  If you find the right prices you could possibly build it cheaper, but for $35 I still think it is the best scare for your buck!  If you have any questions, email me at

Thursday, February 14, 2013

My Bloody Valentine

On a day where chocolates, stuffed animals, jewelery, and flowers are the norm, my wife proves to me that she truly knows my bloody heart.  I can honestly say that this is the first time ever I've received a valentine that truly blew me away.  Was I expecting anything like, no, and no.  That is what makes it so great.  So I would like to publicly say I have the best wife in the world that truly knows what I like and is actually ok with it.  So thanks for my valentine, my armless, legless, entrails dragging, brain popping out bloody valentine!


Sorry for the poor quality on the pictures.  I could not find the sd disk to the camera, so I used my phone camera and had to get this on here tonight.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New Year Resolutions at Blood Moon Cemetery

A new year brings many new ideas for this 2013.  Of course, I've had many of these ideas years ago, but never had the time or put other experiments in their place.  Hopefully by making a resolution list, I will be able to stick to the plan going into this year.  But before I get to this list, I need to review a couple of weeks in the past.

There are three exact dates that I can count on every year to put me in full mode Halloween spirit.  Of course, you have October 31st, the big daddy of them all.  There is no need to explain this date.  It is the one day that I absolutely look forward to every single day.

Number two would be November 1st.  Now, you would think this should be a day of mourning being the date furthest from Halloween.  Maybe it should be, but nothing gets me more in the Halloween spirit than all the 50% off sales on November 1st.  Most times I do prefer building my props, but when you knock off 50%, a lot of props are easier and cheaper to buy than to build.

Number three, and most people scratch their head when I tell them this, but it is December 25th.  Now it was not always this way, but I met a girl that happens to be my wife who understands my love for Halloween and knows that I would like nothing more than to open a Halloween gift on Christmas day.  So ever since December 25th, 2006, I have received a Halloween gift every time.  But not only do I receive Halloween gifts from my wife on Christmas, but I now receive them from my parents, mother and father in law, and sister.

Christmas 2012 brought me these props.  My mother and father in law gave me a wolf spitter for Christmas.  Now I only need to find some invisible blood or create it for the spitter.  Here is a video demonstration of this awesome prop.

My parents gave me two solenoids with the pneumatic connections, two air cylinders, clevis mounting brackets, rod clevis, and rear pivot mount.  Now they probably have no idea what these parts do, but I sure do!  This will be part on one of my builds this year and will have something to do with a zombie.

Finally, my wife gave me an amazing haunted portrait mirror.  Unfortunately when they shipped it, the mirror was busted.  But what seems bad can be fixed pretty easily...I think and hope.  All I really need to do is find a two way mirror and replace it with the broken mirror.  Another big plus is that my wife was refunded her money and allowed to keep the haunted mirror because you can't ship broken glass/mirror.  So basically a free new prop as long as I can find that two way mirror.

So 2013 is already in full effect.  I am getting closer to finishing one of my resolution props, but here is a look at the resolution list before the the year started...

1.  Build an air cannon.
2.  Build a pumpkin thief.
3.  Attend the Transworld Halloween Convention.  Find an awesome zombie mask!
4.  Build the zombie prop with with X-Mas parts.
5.  Build a new mausoleum
6.  Create a new ghost to go in mausoleum
7.  Update witch and cauldron
8.  Build some grave mounds.
9.  Build some tombstones.

Now if I can at least do one of these things each month, I should be set to go by the month of October.  If I happen to think of something that has to be done, I will fit it in, but the plan is to at least have these core resolutions finished.  Stay tuned because I will post finished products/resolutions.