Friday, January 31, 2014

Resurrected Dead Zombie Farmer?

I can't believe it has almost been a year since I've last posted.  Sorry, my bad.  To be honest, I have been beyond busy.  Our family officially moved out to the country in March of 2013 and yes, Blood Moon Cemetery has followed us as well.  Now it sits on 17 acres of land and woods and has a haunted barn.  The possibilities are endless.  Even though I failed to post it, Halloween 2013 was a success and a future blog will be dedicated to it.

But for now I pose this question, can a zombie be killed then be resurrected?  To answer this question, I must take you back to December 2013.  My wonderful wife always purchases me a Halloween prop for X-Mas.  Well, since Blood Moon Cemetery features a haunted barn she thought it would be a wonderful idea to purchase me an impaled farmer victim turned zombie(yes it was a wonderful idea).  To keep it hidden from me, she left it in the box and hid it under our screened in porch overhang.  On my way to work one morning, I noticed that our dogs had ripped up a box.  I went over to examine the situation and noticed that not only had they shredded the box but had tore off the face of a Halloween prop that I had never seen.

My wife was devastated, I was devastated.  So the answer to my question is no, you can not resurrect a dead zombie.  But mad scientist do wonderful work replacing body parts.  I had Lindsay call up a friend at Halloween Asylum to see if they had any replacement parts in their scratch and dent section.  Lucky for me, they had one face/torso left that they were going to put on their site in a few months.  So we made arrangements for it and a week later this came in the mail.

     View photo 3.JPG in slide showLeaning Impaled Farmer Victim

It is nice to know that this prop will be making his debut in 2014.

This day happens to be my little sister's birthday.  So have a Happy Birthday Sis!